It is surprising to think that Piero Fornasetti’s famous design, the face of a women, was inspired by a picture from a magasine. One would have imagined that this muse of his was a very important woman in his life, perhaps his wife or his mistress. But the story is much simpler. Fornasetti found a picture of Lina Cavalieri in a magasine and found her beautiful. So when he started working on ceramic in 1950’s he used her face in over 500 different variations.

Of course this is not the only pattern Fornasetti’s created. However this is the one he is most famous and recognisable for nowadays. Below, I’ve built a small collection of interesting objects and designs I’ve found during some of my wanders around London and trips in Europe (sorry for the reflection on some of the pictures… )

Fornasetti Sugar bowl
Fornasetti Plate
Fornasetti Sculpture
Smilzo vase and candles
Fornasetti Tea pot
Tea pot and milk jug
Fornasetti candle
Candle – this one is the only Fornasetti item I own


Fornasetti Chair
I didn’t know that Fornasetti made other objects than ceramic until I discovered this chair


Some of these items may not be from the original design by Piero Fornasetti (1913-1988), they may be from his son Barnaba who continues to design under the ‘Fornasetti’ brand name.

For more information on Piero Fornasetti, I’ve found a good article in the New-York Times.