Fornasetti, an artist who got obsessed with the face of a woman he didn’t know

It is surprising to think that Piero Fornasetti’s famous design, the face of a women, was inspired by a picture from a magasine. One would have imagined that this muse of his was a very important woman in his life, perhaps his wife or his mistress. But the story is much simpler. Fornasetti found a picture of Lina Cavalieri in a magasine and found her beautiful. So when he started working on ceramic in 1950’s he used her face in over 500 different variations.

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Jewel designer in Saint-Tropez

I went to Saint-Tropez mid November and most stores were closed, except a few permanent stores that remain open most of the year. Amongst them Lunael, a jewel studio-shop.

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Young Fashion Designers in Paris

Whilst strolling around the Abbesses village in Paris, I found this little gem: ‘Vlum + Bleu Tango‘ a studio-shop founded by two young women artists. Vlum is a jewel brand and Bleu Tango a clothing brand.

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