From folkloric to iconic design, ceiling lighting is no longer just a functional appliance. Nowadays it is often integrated in home and commercial design as a statement piece, sometimes borderline with modern art installations.

I’ve put together a collection of ceiling lighting, which have caught my attention during some of my trips around Europe in the last three years. This selection is diverse with eclectic styles including industrial, modern, mid-century, romantic, geometric, retro, futuristic… No matter my preferred style, I’ve found them all very creative.


Noto in Sicily (Italy) 2018, @Anche gli Angeli 

Definitely a statement ceiling lighting installation, industrial style, actually used by the restaurant as their logo.

Copenhagen (Denmark) 2016, @Urban House hostel

This pendant lamp shade is influenced by Victorian fringed lamp shades. But this unusual version is finished with a mix of glass for the shade and soft fabric for the fringe.




San Sebastian (Spain) 2017, @Arrizul Congress hotel

This installation looks futuristic, and even though it is functional, it also looks like a modern piece of art.

Tours – La Loire (France) 2015, @Art Hotel

Graphic black and white decoration throughout the one-hundred-year old chateau with influences of industrial, contemporary and period styles. The Dear Ingo pendant light from moooi takes centre stage in the lobby.

Stockholm (Sweden) 2016

I love feather lamp shades. I find that they add so much texture and softness to a room, especially for a room with cold material and little fabric/ no carpet. For a pendant version, the bigger the better.



Munich (Germany) 2018

Surprising pendant lighting. I was with colleagues on a business dinner in a traditional Bavarian restaurant. I’m sure there’s a traditional or folkloric Bavarian meaning to this representation, maybe related to hunting or fishing. I’m not sure. But this was an impressive and theatrical lighting installation.

Amsterdam (the Netherlands) 2016, @PH Hotel


Perfect use of Aim Suspension light by Flos in the high-ceiling lobby of this hotel. The atmosphere is trendy and cosy, with a loft-like feel throughout the hotel.



Dublin (Republic of Ireland) 2018, @Clayton Hotel Burlington Road

For some reason, I find this pendant lights futuristic. Every time I see them, they remind me of planes and robots. When I went to New-York, I saw them used as wall lights in a mainstream store.

Tarifa (Spain) 2017, @el Riad

This artistic installation is impressive. It is the centre-piece of the riad’s courtyard. Apart from being decorative and functional, it also creates a sort of filter between the bedroom windows and the lounge area in the courtyard to bring a touch of privacy.

Lille (France) 2018, city centre


20th mid-century inspired design in Lille city centre with the famous Vertigo lamp shade designed by Constance Guisset. This decoration creates a homey peaceful feeling.