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Fornasetti, an artist who got obsessed with the face of a woman he didn’t know

It is surprising to think that Piero Fornasetti’s famous design, the face of a women, was inspired by a picture from a magasine. One would have imagined that this muse of his was a very important woman in his life, perhaps his wife or his mistress. But the story is much simpler. Fornasetti found a picture of Lina Cavalieri in a magasine and found her beautiful. So when he started working on ceramic in 1950’s he used her face in over 500 different variations.

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Let’s close this Christmas season with a contest: Paris vs. London

Today, I’ve put away (back in storage) the Christmas tree and all the Christmas decoration. So I decided to close the Christmas season properly and have a look at the pictures I took over the last two Christmases. The funny thing is that I was in Paris this year, and in London last year. So I thought I’d turn this in a little game – the London 2017 vs. Paris 2018 Christmas decoration contest.

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Ceiling lighting, memories from across Europe

From folkloric to iconic design, ceiling lighting is no longer just a functional appliance. Nowadays it is often integrated in home and commercial design as a statement piece, sometimes borderline with modern art installations.

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Wellness apps, my selection

In the past 15 months I’ve discovered mindfulness and it’s helped me focus more on well-being. With that objective in mind, I’ve explored apps, YouTube channels and websites, which offer techniques to relax and feel better. I’ve picked my top four: Calm, DOYOUYOGA, Yoga with Adriene, and Fitbit.

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Mental Health – My Story after the terrorist attack at Borough Market

I’m an eye-witness of the Borough Market and London Bridge attack, which happened on Saturday 3 June 2017. The event has affected me greatly in the last three months and it’s made me think a lot about traumatic experiences in general and how they can dramatically impact one’s life. Mental health is an important topic for me and I’ve decided to share my story and how it’s been to deal with the aftermath of the attack for me.

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Papilin Handmade Earrings

For me a good fashion style is about finding the right balance between a noticeable, yet always elegant look. I dress in a relatively simple, relaxed and minimalist way and I mostly use a neutral palette. So I love adding colourful / oversized details. My No1 accessories: original, large and colorful earrings to bring a touch of pop to a classy outfit.

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Torre Agbar by Jean Nouvel

I was in Barcelona with my family for Easter. Of course, there are numerous architectural landmarks throughout the city, especially the Gaudi’s masterpieces. But this time I’m going to talk about a more modern one, the Torre Agbar designed by Jean Nouvel.

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Jewel designer in Saint-Tropez

I went to Saint-Tropez mid November and most stores were closed, except a few permanent stores that remain open most of the year. Amongst them Lunael, a jewel studio-shop.

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Overnight soaked oat for breakfast

For the last couple of months, I’ve had a different breakfast than my usual one: I’ve tried overnight soaked oat. Usually I have bread with butter and cheese (the French way). But by 10:30am – 11am I get very hungry and by 12pm I desperately need to have some lunch. I’m also easily subject to energy fluctuations if I don’t have food regularly. I noticed in the last couple of years that I felt very weak when having a late lunch.

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Futuristic Bus Station in Slough

For work, I have to take the train from London Paddington to Maidenhead and passing through Slough train station, a building has always caught my attention. This is the ‘new’ Slough bus station created by Bblur architecture. It is part of the ‘Heart of Slough’ town centre redevelopment plan, with the aim to revamp the perception of Slough.

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Young Fashion Designers in Paris

Whilst strolling around the Abbesses village in Paris, I found this little gem: ‘Vlum + Bleu Tango‘ a studio-shop founded by two young women artists. Vlum is a jewel brand and Bleu Tango a clothing brand.

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Virgin Coconut Oil

A couple of weeks ago, I heard about Coconut Oil for the first time when I watched a video of Victoria Beckham who mentioned that coconut oil was one of her essential beauty products. I started reading about it, and opening my eyes (really) in beauty and food stores. It turns out that coconut oil is everywhere.

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