For me a good fashion style is about finding the right balance between a noticeable, yet always elegant look. I dress in a relatively simple, relaxed and minimalist way and I mostly use a neutral palette. So I love adding colourful / oversized details. My No1 accessories: original, large and colorful earrings to bring a touch of pop to a classy outfit.

In the last couple of years, I’ve reconnected with a lost passion – crafts. Inspired by some of the designers I’ve talked about (and many others I haven’t posted about) I’ve created a pair of earrings I absolutely love and wear all the time: the navy blue Sea Horse.

Sea Horse Earrings
My signature earrings: navy blue Sea Horse


I’ve received so many positive comments from friends and complete strangers that I’ve decided to create a summer collection, which one of my friends is helping me sell on Instagram:

  • the baby pink Hollywood Star
  • the baby blue Sexy Mermaid
  • the orange Cocktail Time


Handmade earrings
Summer Collection


My skin is sensitive so I make sure I use good quality materials: silver or gold plated attachements (fish hooks and ring) and 100% cotton threads. The charms are made of metal, which is absolutely fine since they are not in direct contact with the skin.


I’ve also just created an elegant black and gold pair of earrings for evening dinners.

Love both sides
“Love both Sides”