I bought an ecoffee cup and I believe it’s a good purchase for the environment and for my finances too!


I went to Shoreditch Boxpark on Sunday and found a lovely decoration store called Decorum. It’s an online store and they are currently showcasing their product range at Boxpark. I loved the intimate and homey atmosphere coming from the earthy tone and natural material items in the store.


In the Decorum store, I discovered the ecoffee cup and decided to buy one. I liked the sleeck design and the fact that most of it is made of organic bamboo fibre, meaning that it’s biodegradable at the end of its life. It cost me £11, which I will get refunded pretty quickly by not buying my morning coffee at the train station and by getting a 25p discount at my work’s café for bringing my own cup.

Old Street model

Also, I’m trying to be more conscious about the environment and I make sure I recycle as many things as possible, give used clothes to charities, filter tap water, avoid buying individually packed items. However I realised that I threw about 300 coffee cups away in 2016!

I really believe it’s a good buy – good for the environment and good for my finances. Also the ‘no-drip’ lid is really effective, the cup is pretty light and looks like a paper cup from a fancy café.

One minor drawback- the cup doesn’t keep the drink hot for very long when outdoor in cold wintery weather. Not a massive issue for me though – just need to drink my coffee a bit faster.

Have a look on the website – they’ve got some funky designs, like the William Morris cups!