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Overnight soaked oat for breakfast

For the last couple of months, I’ve had a different breakfast than my usual one: I’ve tried overnight soaked oat. Usually I have bread with butter and cheese (the French way). But by 10:30am – 11am I get very hungry and by 12pm I desperately need to have some lunch. I’m also easily subject to energy fluctuations if I don’t have food regularly. I noticed in the last couple of years that I felt very weak when having a late lunch.

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Virgin Coconut Oil

A couple of weeks ago, I heard about Coconut Oil for the first time when I watched a video of Victoria Beckham who mentioned that coconut oil was one of her essential beauty products. I started reading about it, and opening my eyes (really) in beauty and food stores. It turns out that coconut oil is everywhere.

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Twist and Spray

Revive my fragrance during the day – Problem solved! Twist and Spray by Chanel.

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